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Modular Steel staircases

Bultrading present the best way to the top with our unique Genius luxury modular staircase kit !

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Pre Fabricated and Custom build staircases quick and easy installation done in few days !

If you are looking for Indoor or Outdoor Staircase you have just found the solution and Welcome to the Bultrading web site! 
Based as Bultrading best selling range, the Genius modular staircase kit goes a step further, introducing innovative and stylish design features together with a range of finishes which we offering in both staircase kit form and fully assembled staircase units to the commercial and residential markets. Bultrading proudly can serves from large corporate clients to the individual residential consumer in Southern Africa.

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After our first introduction in 2007 the Genius modular staircase kit has become the easy fast and flexible staircase solution, offering at the same time design, luxury at an affordable price, can be modify easy to meet almost any budget and bring good value for money to our client projects.
The pre fabricated Genius modular staircase kit comes with imported solid hardwood treads and together with mild steel centre spine supports .Our basic kit stairs which are supplied in a minimum 14 riser as one kit, the Genius modular staircase kit can be ordered with the correct number of treads to suit your height. This can make cost saving for lower height stairs.

The Genius modular staircase is supplied flat pack to site, we offer our Clients full installation instructions and full online or onsite support.
The Genius modular staircase offers soft curve, a straight, quarter or half-turn stairs. Turned staircases are formed using either landings or winding treads, which combined with both adjustable tread rise and going gives an endless variety of possible position layouts.

• Heights up to 3500mm or more The staircase system allows for onsite height adjustment of each tread rise.

• Tread widths: Our Standard timber stair tread is 1100mm x 300mm x40mm we can offer custom made sizes as 670mm. 740mm. 810mm. 880mm 950mm all 40mm thickness or more.

• Different timber tread and s
tain colours: light walnut, blond walnut, dark walnut, cherry and natural unsealed timber for self staining all up to client choose.

• Steel centre spine risers additional paint colours: Our standard riser is plain ( no colour) and additional treatments galvanize,primer coating, paint colours spray paint or powder coating. Of course, customers can apply their own finish when the fully assembled Genius modular staircase is delivered and install to the job site.

Balustrade systems: We can offer you many different models of ready for installation Stainless steel balustrade systems with tubing glass and cables etc.

• All matching landing are custom made as per Client drawings and suitable for each staircase etc.

• Optional riser decoration laser cut wings and other details can be add it on as per client request. You can mix and match the options to create a superb luxury stair to suit your own design requirements.

As with all different Genius modular staircase kits, care has to be taken to choose a design that meets your Architects and Designers requirements. We strongly recommend that you contact us as early as possible for friendly, expert advice on your proposed stairs. After discussion on your requirements, we will produce and offer you and confirm or change design and advice on all aspects of your staircase project.

For your unique custom staircase needs, Bultrading. can provide a quote for your specific requirements, usually with turnaround time of one to two business days.

You can use our Contact form including your drawing, or email your custom staircase design in PDF format. No matter how simple or complex your steel staircase needs is we will try our best to meet or exceed all your requirements and specifications.

We guarantee all workmanship and material against defects and to be exactly as represented and of the highest quality.

Only the finest materials are used in our staircases and all under Client approval. All staircases are hand built by proven craftsmen, making each stairway a beautiful work of art.

Contact the specialists at Bultrading for immediate assistance!

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Managing Member

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